How To Share Data With Your Accounting Outsourcing Partner?

So, you have finally decided to let the load off your shoulders and partner with an accounting outsourcing company to handle your brand’s financial section. But there are still too many unanswered questions that are delaying the process. Sounds familiar? 

Read along, if it does. 

You have found your perfect finance partner, that’s great!

But if you’re outsourcing your accounting for the first time, you’ll have a plethora of questions in the beginning.

Here, we’ll discuss one of the primary issues faced by the businesses when they decide to outsource their bookkeeping process. 

That is- how to share your financial data with your finance outsourcing partner?

To this, the basic answer is- No one size fits all. 

Data sharing can be done through many ways and there’s no fixed way that will make or break the deal. You need to know what suits you the best. 

Condition 1- Hardcopy invoices-

If your business has a collection of hardcopy of invoices - all you have to do is scan and send them across to your accounting outsourcing partner through an email. 

Particularly helpful when

  • You have hardcopy instead of softcopies.

  • If the hardcopy invoices are not too many.

  • If you feel scanning wouldn’t waste your time.

Condition 2- Softcopy invoices

If your business deals with softcopy invoices, it is easier for you as all you have to do is forward those invoices to your accounting outsourcing partner through an email. 

  • Saves you the hassle of scanning each invoice copy.

  • Saves your time.

  • Softcopy invoices are easier to handle.

Note- All the data apart from invoices can be sent across through emails on Google docs. 

However, if the process of scanning each invoice and uploading it seems too tiresome there’s another option for you. 

WhatsApp your data! 

Yes, there cannot be an easier process of data transfer. 

We at Muneem, believe in making your financial life smooth. Thus, we offer you the option of WhatsApp-ing your data to our official account wherein someone from our team will always be there to guide you through the process. 

The best part? The experienced professionals, as well as the Chartered Accountants of our team, are also added to this WhatsApp group. Given their eye for detail, they make sure your conversation proceeds in the right direction and any modifications are known at the primary stage itself.

All you have to do is click pictures of the important bills and send it to our WhatsApp account. 

This will- 

  • Make the process hassle-free.

  • Immediate interaction can take place. 

  • Saves your time and effort. 

Conclusion- Finding a reliable accounting outsourcing partner and sending your financial data can be a tedious job. We at Muneem, understand that and are committed to making your financial journey smooth, right from the start.